Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Time?

One of the barriers to cooking at home is a lack of time. Many people eat out or grab food to go because they feel that is all the time they have. So, what can you do?

- Make 'planned extras' - not left overs, but planned food to be used for another meal. This could be extra meat to put on a pizza, put in a salad, add to pasta and vegetables, etc.

- Reduce the preparation time with a wide variety of washed/ready to eat fresh vegetables and fruit, pre-shredded cheese, etc. Frozen vegetables can be quickly steamed, frozen fruit can make a smoothie or be added to cereal.

- Prepare big batches - spaghetti, chili, soup - these can be frozen into small portions to be enjoyed in the future.

- Plan out your week - find recipes, get the appropriate groceries and save yourself time by not having to create a meal plan when you're hungry and feeling rushed.

Do you have a favourite time saving tip?

I'll often keep a grain product (bread, bagels, English muffins) in the freezer in case I have a rushed morning - then I can defrost it, toast it, put on some nut butter, and grab a piece of fruit so that I still get a complete breakfast!

Steph Wheler