Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Less is More and it's already March!

Almost 4 months into motherhood - which for my blog means that I have all sorts of ideas, some of which I managed to jot down (and hope to return to) and others that have been lost to me, and of course, few that have been posted. I don't regret where I am spending my time these days, although it has definitely been an adjustment and I'm still getting used to how much I am needed by our wee-one. I do think it fits well with mindfulness, moderation, and minimalism that I've been trying to focus on. I am very aware of spending time with my daughter and being there for her - as my husband says, "it's an investment". I am also now more able to find time for he and I as well as a bit of time for me (see here I am, typing away - I'm calling that moderation!).

I have less time to do the things I used to do, so it has been great that I was able to (and continue to work on) remove some clutter and unused items from our home. I managed to donate some things, shred or recycle a few others and even sell a few.

It is March, which means that it's nutrition month, so I have been eager to post something for you. I'm sharing Dietitians of Canada's tweet-a-day on @LeadPilates and @fueledbySKmilk if you're on twitter. You can also check out some resources on the 'Eating 9 to 5' theme on the nutrition month website. I think it's a great theme and covers basics like breakfast, snacks, lunch, supper, and temptations or on-the-go choices we may face. Since I have less time, I am very aware of making big batches these days. My daughter seems alright with grocery shopping, so we're still able to get what we need, but I now do things like prep veggies at 8pm after she's asleep. I try to have quick things ready during the day for the moments that I can grab a quick bite or reheat something. Suppers have been alright as my hubby also enjoys cooking and will take over for me or have some quality daddy time so that I can get creative in the kitchen.

I haven't been as active on here or sharing articles on my facebook page, but I do still post on instagram quite often if you're on there. I hope you're all doing well, enjoying some nicer weather, and perhaps partaking in nutrition month activities or learning something new to help get you healthily through your work day!


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