Thursday, May 26, 2016

Need Mustard? You Must!

One of my clients is SaskMustard, so I've been learning lots about this spice/condiment/ingredient and it's been on my mind more loately. I was fortunate to be the recipient of Epicure's new mustards, but that also means that two lucky readers/followers will be too (keep reading...).

On May 1, Epicure launched four certified organic, gluten-free varieties made with Canadian mustard seed - Sweet & Spicy, Honey Mustard (made with Canadian honey), Pale Ale Whole-Grain and Stout Stoneground. My home province, Saskatchewan, produces about 70% of Canada's mustard and is a world leader in mustards exports (we're not just the 'bread basket' or wheat province; pulses grow here too!). I also love being able to try products with Canadian ingredients and from my colleagues (thanks Epicure and Crystal!).

I of course had to try them all before I could post this giveaway!

We had the Stout Stoneground with cheese, arugula, and spinach on smokies, because I figured I needed to try at least one in a 'hotdog' type of situation.

I tried the Pale Ale Whole-Grain on a pita with leftover chicken and leafy greens.

My daughter and I enjoyed the Sweet & Spicy with tilapia and a side of roasted zucchini and potatoes.

The Honey Mustard was used as a glaze on pork tenderloin, served with mashed potatoes and salad.

There are many ways I plan to continue to try these products - on sandwiches, for vinaigrettes, and if I'm adventurous, perhaps even in baking! They paired really well with proteins and potatoes. I thought it was nice to have different textures and of course the different flavours add a little something different and a little punch. do you enter?

'Like' the image below on my instagram feed and tag a friend (my husband always says food tastes better when you share). The giveaway ends at 11:59pm MT today (May 26th). I figured since it's National Salad Month, National BBQ Month, and National Hamburger Month, you should enjoy these before May is over!

Two (2) lucky individuals (that's you and your friend), will win four (4) Epicure mustards to enjoy this Spring/Summer.

Best wishes!

*Disclosure, Epicure provided me with 4 mustards to try and 4 mustards to giveaway. I work with SaskMustard. Opinions are my own.