Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health For All

I just completed my first week of my Dietetic Internship. I will get away from the vitamin/mineral blogs as I write more about what is on my mind and what I'm learning.

I was just reading about health recommendations for both hypertension and lypidemia (risk factors for chronic heart disease). It was simple things like decrease body weight if needed, increase physical activity, stop smoking, only consume moderate alcohol, increase fibre, increase fruits and vegetables, increase dairy, learn stress management techniques, and decrease saturated fat intake. These may not seem simple to you, but they did to me. I mean they aren't drastic changes. Imagine how the population's health would change if we just started exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables. I think people are finally starting to realize that their diet can have a significant impact on their health now and in the long run. So many chronic diseases that people have now can be prevented or managed by taking some simple steps. I think we should all try to eat and live healthfully. Don't just wait until you end up in the hospital and are forced to make changes!

Steph Wheler