Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Mindful

I often talk to my clients about creating awareness around eating. This starts before they even come for an initial assessment. In our hectic lives we seem to have gotten away from eating when hungry and slowing down to actually enjoy the food. Being mindful brings us back to the moment to actually think about what we are feeding our bodies. It means focusing on the food and getting rid of other distractions. By creating mindfulness we can get back to the basics of listening to when we are hungry and when we are satisfied.

We tend to eat for many different reasons - hunger, boredom, stress, gatherings of friends and family, etc. There is a simple acronym to remember if you find that you eat for reasons other than hunger - HALT.

Ask yourself, am I
Angry or Anxious?

Food won`t solve your problems, so try to eat when hungry and find other activities to relieve anger, anxiety, loneliness, and tiredness.

Steph Wheler