Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Q's Day: Fun Activities

With the temperatures rising and the leaves turning green I always start to see more people enjoying the great outdoors.  I spend time outside all year round to walk our dog or roam around downtown.  When I was younger I enjoyed cross country skiing (something I hope to pick up again soon!).  I just feel that most people find it easier to increase their activity when they can get outdoors. I know I revert to yoga classes, the treadmill, and the weight room when snow is on the ground.

Yesterday when Albert and I were out for a walk, I started thinking about fun childhood activities.  I don't know if children still play the same games, but I enjoyed skipping, hop scotch, red rover, etc.  As we get older I think we forget that activities (and healthy eating!) can be fun.  I recently joined a running club because I'm still trying to love to run - and so far it's working for me this year.  I'm also hoping to try a few new activities this summer including paddle boarding and frisbee/disc golf.  The competitive athlete in me has a hard time learning new activities because I want/expect myself to be great right away.  So to keep myself balanced I'll continue to enjoy riding my cruiser bike (which I purchased to be my 'fun bike' and an attempt at non-competitive activity!).

So, today for Q's Day, I would like to know:

What activity are you looking forward to trying this Spring/Summer?

It might be something you've heard of, but don't even know what it involves, or something that you've heavily researched.  Or maybe it's something your friends or family have invited you to do.  Active, healthy living can be fun!

Share your comments, ideas, concerns, questions, etc.

Happy May 1!

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching