Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympic Motivation

You've waited 4 years (or 2 if you're counting the winter Olympics; and you should) and now the London Games are only 3 days away!  The Olympics run from July 27 to August 12 and the Paralympic Games start August 29 and finish on September 9.  For all you sports fans, this means lots of coverage, multiple events to watch, and perhaps some great athletic feats to inspire you. 

One of my first thoughts is - don't become a couch potato.  Remember that events get replayed, highlight reels will come, and maybe you even have a pvr or other recording device at your disposal.  A great set-up would also be to workout while watching.  You should of course enjoy the events, but don't forget to be active!

Having been a high performance volleyball player, I know all about the excitement of competition.  I played volleyball for Team Canada from 2000-2006 and competed in an Olympic qualifying tournament in 2003.  Unfortunately we didn't qualify at the time, but I still find it interesting to tune in and recognize players that I competed against on the world stage.  The closest I came to the Olympic experience was FISU games in Izmir Turkey in 2005.  I say 'closest' not based on skill level, but on being in an athlete's village and running into athletes from numerous disciplines.  Typically at the international level we would just see other women's indoor volleyball players.

There is a lot going on for the athletes in London.  Some have trained for the last 4 years just for this event, some will get distracted by all the excitement.  There will be triumph.  There will be heartbreak.  Whoever you choose to cheer for, remember that we can't all be Olympians.  Some of the athletes train long hours and multiple times a day.  See if you notice the different body sizes and types, since different sports have different requirements (strength, endurance, speed...), but as we know (or should know) - healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Get up and move, because every step, or every minute is better than nothing.  When you do turn on the TV or watch online, I would like to know:

What is your favourite Olympic sport to watch (or play)?

I'm hoping to catch volleyball, beach volleyball, and athletics.  I know I have some cousins who will be very interested in the synchronized swimming.  

Let the games motivate and inspire you,
Steph Langdon (Wheler), RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching