Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Signature Dish

My husband and I both love to cook and we love sharing food with friends.  Whether we go out for a nice meal, attend a cooking class together, or host a potluck, it's always interesting to see what people like to make and eat.  This summer we've been planning an August food evening with a group of friends.  The hosts will be preparing their signature dishes (shrimp appetizer, ribs, and caesar salad - yum) and we will all bring something to add. 

This talk of signature/famous dishes got me wondering if I have one.  I try to experiment in the kitchen and use new recipes all the time.  At one point I know I wanted to get really good at making soup (since homemade is just so much tastier and typically healthier!).  My husband has pretty much mastered chili and gets rave reviews when he serves it to a large group.  I don't think I have one dish that I'm known for (yet!).  I do enjoy making muffins, roast chicken, soup, and vegetable dishes (someone has to make sure they're included!). 

Since it's Q's Day I am asking:

Do you have a signature dish?

If you feel like sharing the recipe I know I would love to hear it.

Enjoy your last day of July 2012,

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching