Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wish List

I have heard it many times before - I wish I had the energy to go to the gym like you do, I wish I had the energy to cook meals for my family, etc, etc.......
What people often fail to realize is that the energy often comes from those exact behaviours!  When you work out you feel energized and can enjoy other activities that fill your time.  When you eat healthy, eat out less, and choose convenience items less, you feel better because you're giving your body more of what it needs and less of what it doesn't (fat, sugar, salt).  Stop wishing and start doing - prioritize your health, schedule it into your day if needed!

Heading into the holidays, I often look at how we have conditioned ourselves - we go to a party and the party is about food and drinks.  Let's redefine that party - play games, get active with your group, enjoy a few items, but don't let that be the focus.  It takes time to change habits and adults are often very set in their ways, but do it for your health and the health of others.  We used to build snow forts, play hockey on the street, go skiing etc., but too often people eat, drink, go on the computer/ipad/smart phone and remain inactive.  Set a good example for the younger generation in your life and perhaps create a healthy holiday tradition that they will carry forward.

I will be having a very active holiday season, low intensity, but I'm planning on covering a lot of ground - we're going on a vacation and going to do lots of site seeing.  It makes it easy for me to avoid holiday temptations this year, but you can go out and enjoy the sites wherever you spend your holidays.  Have a photo contest and see who captures winter the best, enjoy the free skating at the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink, grab a crazy carpet and hit the nearest hill - let your inner child shine through and change how you've come to define the holidays.

Since it's Q's Day - I'd like to know:

How do you stay energized through the busy holiday season?

Happy Tuesday,
Steph Langdon, RD
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