Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simply Cook and Enjoy!

We're almost half way through Nutrition Month, so I figured I should do a quick post. I've been keeping busy helping with our Saskatchewan Nutrition Month Committee's social media this year, so please check out our facebook page (and like us as we aim for 1000 likes this year!) or follow on twitter to get tips, recipes, videos, etc. until March 31, 2014.

Dietitians of Canada (DC) also has resources and videos, as well as a page dedicated to this year's theme which focuses on food skills and preparation. A new tool that came out in time for Nutrition Month, but will be available all year, is DC's new app Cookspiration. I've heard great feedback from people that have tried it, and I love that it asks you what time of day you're looking for a recipe for, as well as the type of dish, mood, speed, etc. that you're focused on (ie. On-The-Fly or Fill Me Up).

Cooking at home can be challenge for many reasons, and I know that we all feel to busy for it! I for one love to be in the kitchen and it's a chance for my husband and I to catch up on our day. If you have an 'excuse' as to why you're not cooking at home more often, such as:
  • too busy
  • don't know what to make
  • don't have time
  • don't have necessary ingredients
  • picky eaters to feed...
Then it's time to start thinking about solutions. Find time one evening or afternoon on the weekend to:
  • make a list and stock your fridge/freezer/pantry
  • cook a big batch that can be reheated throughout the week
  • take advantage of healthy convenience items (frozen stirfry vegetables, canned beans, etc.)
  • check out cookbooks or apps for recipe ideas
  • get together with family or friends to make multiple recipes to share
  • create meals with options (make your own pizza, tortilla, yogurt parfait, etc.)
More people tend to eat out these days because it's easy and doesn't require prep time and clean up, but that can be minimized with a prep day (chopping veggies, making leftovers), extra hands in the kitchen and a plan for your week so that you don't have to decide what's for supper when you walk in the door after work - make  it easier to make healthy choices and challenge yourself to cook at home more often!

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching