Monday, September 8, 2014

Nurture Yourself

We eat to feel good in a variety of ways. Feeling good may mean getting rid of hunger, feeling energized, providing our body with nutrients, or in some cases providing comfort. Food is a part of many situations and we are often surrounded by choices and opportunities to nibble on something. Many emotions are also tied to food, whether it is a happy memory, a celebratory event, or a way to console ourselves. When we seek food for more than nourishment and sustenance, we may never feel satisfied/fulfilled.

With mindfulness, moderation, and minimalism in mind, it's good to create awareness and start to consider why you're eating. I feel it's good to reflect before and after as I know many clients feel "bad" or guilty after eating a large portion or a less healthy item. This can then lead to more problems as we try to deal with these negative emotions after the fact.

I also think it's important to reflect on how we treat ourselves. We're often our own worst critic and would be more compassionate to someone else in the same situation. For mindfulness, think about how you fuel your body, how you treat yourself. For moderation, don't expect perfection - change takes time, but each step or each pause helps us create new habits. Try to minimize your negative self talk and find new ways (non-food ways) to nurture yourself.

There are many ways to eat healthy, but adherence, lifestyle change, and behaviour modification are the ways to long term success, not drastic fad diets (huffington post).  Start doing something today that you're willing to keep doing and to challenge yourself with.
Here's to a healthier tomorrow!

How do you nurture yourself?

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching