Tuesday, February 10, 2015

hiah chat - Brian Breit

Bio of Brian Breit:
I am self employed. I am a runner (I run everyday), I swim, go to the gym. I guess you could say I am an endurance athlete. I was born and raised in Saskatoon. I don't know if you want to call it a hobby, but I like to learn as much about the sports that I do and how to live healthy, so I am always reading about them. 

Facebook: Brian Breit
Twitter: @run_brian
Instagram: brun5150


1.    What does being healthy mean to you? 
Healthy to me means feeling good about myself, having energy to tackle the day ahead and/or a workout.
2.    Do you feel that you lead a healthy life? How? (or what would you change?) Yes, now I do. I eat clean and healthy meals, no junk food. I start my day with a little workout, plus I run everyday and most days I either go swimming or to the gym, throw in the odd yoga class. I also don't drink.

3.    What is a healthy meal that you often eat? 
Make up something with egg whites, porridge with yogurt.
4.    How do you stay healthy when life gets hectic? I always have apples and bananas handy and usually a granola type bar.
5.    What is one of your challenges or struggles when it comes to leading a healthy life? 
Probably getting enough rest time and sleep.
6.    Are you currently working towards a goal or starting/stopping a habit? What? 
I just want to keep getting better at what I am doing and staying positive.
7.    What motivates you to be healthy? 
Feeling good. Being able to reach various goals and succeeding at them
8.    What is a treat or indulgence that you enjoy? 
Black Bean Brownie
9.    Any inspiring words or comments that you’d like to share with our readers? Always do your best and never give up.

Thanks Brian, we look forward to seeing you on the trails!

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