Friday, March 4, 2016

1001 Days Later

Wow, that sounds like a long time, and it is and it isn't. In my 32 years of life (12005 days) it is only a glimpse. Why am I even talking about it? It was a goal setting exercise I took part in - the Day Zero Project (101 in 1001). There are other similar ones, such as #100happydays that I have also done - I enjoy accomplishing things, I'm a doer, so getting things done helps keep me happy and healthy. Obviously not everyone is wired this way (I think few people are similar to me, the more that I learn about personality traits), but goals work for me.

I tried, I succeeded, I didn't complete (yet!) my 101. I am trying to be okay with completing 82/101 (81.2%). I am also deciding that at some point I will complete the remaining 19. I'm trying to not make excuses and to still keep these on my radar. I definitely wasn't solely thinking about these, as I have accomplished other goals over the last 1001 days. A lot has changed in my life since June 7, 2013, that's for sure, so this is even a great mindfulness check-in. I've travelled, became a mom, moved into a new house, and survived into my 6th year of self-employment (among other things).

However, the ones that remain are (because having them in one place will help me focus!):

6 - go on a girl's weekend trip (non-work related...)
7 - play a round of golf with my husband (summer 2016?)
10 - put aside $10 for each task accomplished (82/110)
15 - meditate every day for one month
31 - create our will (I jotted notes)
32 - create our health directives (I jotted notes)
33 - try snowboarding
34 - go skating
35 - go cross country skiing
47 - build a sand castle (summer 2016?)
64 - update my 'places I've been' Pinterest board (ongoing...)
77 - visit a new country...(summer 2016?)
80 - learn where all 50 states are on a map of the USA (working on it, I know all 50 now at least!)
81 - don't watch TV or Netflix for a month (summer 2016?)
82 - don't eat out for 2 months (summer 2016?)
84 - complete the 365 project (a picture a day for a year) (I may have done this, but it wasn't intentional)
86 - don't complain for 1 week ( hope I did, but I wanted to be aware & track at least one...)
96 - kiss in the rain (again, I probably did, but not mindfully for this list!)
101 - get a second tattoo (have it picked out)

I think I can knock a few off this summer if I keep them on my mind or add them to my endless to-do lists. I also have new ideas, such as a one sentence journal (suggested by Gretchen Rubin) and I've learned to focus on gratitude, being curious, being present, and unplugging more often - so those will stay with me forever, sort of my pillars for health, happiness, and habits. I still have stacks of books that I intend to read, movies to watch, blogs to write, recipes to try, places to see, and basically lots of life to experience!

How is your 2016 going? Are you working on a goal(s), how's it going?

Here's to you and all you dream of accomplishing :)

Steph Langdon, RD