Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time Savers

In an attempt to be efficient with my time, I just came up with a quick list for you. I want to share the things I do, have, etc. that save me time. I always hear that people want more time, or that they're 'busy'. As a dietitian that means healthy eating may fall lower on their priority list as time becomes a barrier.

I have a unique situation because my time is often flexible, although dictated by a toddler. Some days I have time to spend in the kitchen, other days I do not. I do try to slow down and savour/enjoy, I'm just trying to spend time on what I want to (and I do enjoy cooking, don't get me wrong!).

These are just a few of my ideas. There are all kinds of lists online, such as The Domestic Dietitian's Life Hack Time Saving Tips and Serena and Deanna have a long list of Healthy Kitchen Hacks over on teaspoon of spice. Please comment below as I'd love to hear how you save time (or make up time) in all areas of your life!


  • use a rice cooker (occasionally a slow cooker)
  • make-ahead breakfasts 
  • cook in big batches for leftovers
  • keep canned items on hand (tuna, tomatoes, beans, chickpeas)
  • have frozen veggies and fruit in the freezer if run out of fresh
  • almost always have eggs, cheese, milk, and some type of grain in the house (bread, tortillas, pitas, pasta, quinoa)
  • save time & money at the grocery store (
  • use the internet to search ingredients that I have and find new recipes to try (so I can use things up and skip a trip to the store if I don't have time)
  • plan our supper meals
  • make a grocery list
  • chop lots of veggies/fruit when I get the chance - then it's ready for snacks too
  • we enjoy our vitamix for quick smoothies
  • I often follow and adapt recipes vs making things up completely
  • 10 time saving kitchen hacks (Katie Cavuto, RD)


  • circuit train (hard & quick)
  • meet friends for a visit and workout


  • this is where my attempts at a minimalist lifestyle come in - less stuff, less time spent cleaning and maintaining it
  • it may bug my husband, but I set things at the top or bottom of the stairs so they go that way when I do
  • we have a roomba that we often use for our carpeted rooms
  • I do let the dishwasher clean most of our dishes


  • *I need to keep working on finding time for this...
  • I started listening to podcasts in the car


  • most notifications turned off on my phone so I don't get distracted
  • most if not all of my bills are automatically paid

That's all the time I have for this today (I may come back and add to it)!

Steph Langdon, RD