Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snacking and Watching

Whether you are sitting down to watch the game, your favourite TV show or a movie - we have become a society that likes to eat and watch. Even when we leave the house we like to eat and watch, that's why there are concession stands at movie theatres, concerts, sporting events, etc. The snack options away from home (hot dogs, chips, candy, buttery popcorn, pop, fries...) are often very high in calories because they are high in fat, sugar, or both. Not only are they calorie dense, but also lacking or low in nutrients.

You have more control over the snacks that you serve at home. If you know you're going to someone's home you can always bring your own snacks to keep that control and create healthy opportunities. Ideally you are taking time to eat snacks in the kitchen rather than in front of the TV. This is mindful eating. When we're busy doing something else (such as watching football) and eating, we don't even notice how much we eat because we aren't paying attention to it. What does this mean - overeating! Also, just like you would portion a meal onto a plate, you should portion your snack onto a plate (or other dish), to create the mindfulness of portion control. If you eat right out of the package you are likely to eat more than if you portioned some onto a plate.

Take time to enjoy the food. When you're watching the game, watch the game. When you're having a snack, have a snack.

As always, my favourite words: BALANCE, VARIETY, and MODERATION come into play. If there are less healthy foods available, don't feel you have to deprive yourself, but balance it out with vegetables, fruits, low fat milk products, whole grains, etc. Practice portion control by splitting a dessert, having a small handful of chips, etc.

Enjoy being around friends and family, and cheer on our Roughriders on Sunday!!

Steph Wheler