Monday, November 28, 2011

More on Additives & Preservatives

I feel like our conversation about additives and preservatives could go on and on.  I will strive to come back to it from time to time, as well as continue to help you make healthy choices (which potentially reduce your intake of additives and preservatives).  It's still up to you to decide what is right for you and what you can do in your home or when you eat at other locations.  A dietitian can provide the information and help you change your behaviours, but you are still making the final decisions!

Coincidentally, EatRightOntario dietitians posted an article on additives and preservatives today.  They provided a brief list of some common food additives and what foods they might be found in.  Basically, the message is to buy as fresh as you can, stick to simple ingredients, and make it a priority to prepare your own meals.

Have a nutrishus week!

Steph Wheler, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching