Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Q's Day: Game Day

Do you find yourself nibbling in front of the TV while watching your favourite game?  There are so many different sports that we can watch as we turn into armchair coaches.  The problem is that the athletes are getting exercise and we're often eating without considering what or how much we've had.  Super Bowl Sunday is approaching and you may be hosting or attending a party for it.  With that in mind, today I ask:

What is your go-to game day snack?

I'll post some snack ideas in the next few blogs, but for now, here are a few ideas:
- make a batch of chili loaded with a variety of beans and tomatoes
- offer water and club soda for a refreshing break from alcoholic beverages
- provide a raw veggie tray with dip
- offer fruit for something sweet

Try to eat in the kitchen away from the TV during commercials (although I know there are good ones during the superbowl) or half-time.  This will allow you to enjoy your food, but also realize when you've had enough.  You can also plan to limit yourself to one plate and no second helpings to keep portions in control.

Feel free to share your favourite recipe, questions, comments, answers, etc.

Steph Wheler, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching