Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You're Grrrrrrrrrrrreat

Often times my husband's industry (advertizing) works against my industry (health and dietetics).  It's not him personally, but so many ads promote processed food, fad diets, and poor body images.  He recently shared Nike's Find Your Greatness campaign with me.  I love the concept, sort of like the Dove Beauty campaign.  Yes, these messages are meant to sell products, but they can also inspire people.

I am a former professional and national team athlete and within me is a drive to succeed - a drive to be great you could say.  I am very competitive and work everyday to be the best version of myself (ya, I'm a perfectionist which doesn't make for an easy life!).  I am constantly learning the importance of perspective because in my mind I will never be good enough - there are things I am good at, but am I great? 

We can ALL be great, I'm not sure why we try to all fit the same mold or definition though. Greatness is within your grasp, you're likely already great, but possibly don't know it!  So, since it's Q's Day I want to know:

What makes you great or what greatness are you striving for?

Have a GREAT day!

Steph Langdon (Wheler), RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching