Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is Nutrition Month!

Get the real deal on your meal is the theme of National Nutrition Month, 2012.

Nutrition information has never been more accessible than right now; millions of Canadians have ready and easy access to the Internet and other forms of social media. But not all the information is credible; myths and misinformation abound. Nutrition Month 2012 is dedicated to busting up popular food and nutrition myths by bringing truths to Canadians from dietitians, the food and nutrition experts.

Saskatchewan is celebrating Nutrition Month with a 5-week challenge.  Each week a myth, truth, and challenge will be provided and posted on the Ask A Dietitian Saskatchewan facebook page (  Dietitian may have locations set up across the province to collect weekly ballots and discuss the myth, truth, and challenge with participants.  If participants are unable to get to a dietitian location they can ‘like’ the Ask A Dietitian Saskatchewan facebook page and comment weekly to be entered for the Saskatchewan grand prize (to be drawn April 6).  In Saskatoon, Dietitians will be on location at the Farmer's Market every Saturday in March from 10am - 2pm.

Follow on facebook and twitter (@askadietitiansk) to learn other myths and truths, share recipes, discuss challenges, view videos, access links to Dietitians of Canada resources and find out about other nutrition month events happening in your area.  Something Nutrishus (@nutrishuscc) will also be sharing daily myth tweets with you as well as information on our facebook page and here on the Nutrishus Blog.

Week 1 (March 3-9)
Myth: You’ll gain weight if you follow Canada’s Food Guide – it recommends too much food.
Challenge: Use My Food Guide Servings Tracker for 3 days this week to see how many servings you eat. 

Week 2 (March 10-16): 
Myth: Cooking meals at home takes way too much time.
Challenge: Cook and put one meal in the freezer this week to eat at a later date.

Week 3 (March 17-23):
Myth: It’s too hard to eat all the vegetables and fruit recommended in Canada’s Food Guide.
Challenge: See how many meals you can successfully fill half your plate with vegetables this week.

Week 4 (March 24-30):
Myth: “Multi-grain” is the same as “whole grain”.
Challenge: Compare bread labels at the grocery store and pick out the whole grain versus multi-grain.

Week 5 (March 31-April 6):
Myth: Everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day.
Challenge: Track how much water you drink each day this week and how many times you choose water instead of a sugary beverage.

Happy March 1!

Steph (Wheler) Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching