Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Q's Day: Eating Out for a Special Occasion?

I support the use of non-food rewards, but I also realize that eating out happens (sometimes quite often) in our society.  My husband and I both enjoy cooking, so we enjoy a special occasion meal at home just as much as out. 

When it comes to eating out I often have a hard time deciding where to go.  Recently I created a list (I'm a list maker with everything in my life!) of places that I'd like to eat at.  When we decide to go out we look at the list for ideas and choose based on the type of food we're in the mood for. 

I know that many people have one or two places that they like to eat out because they love the food, people, decor, and service, etc.  We try to mix it up and go to different locations and support local businesses.  Sometimes we are quite pleased and other times not as much, but it's just like when I cook and like to try different recipes - you don't always know what to expect!

Since it's Q's Day, today I am asking:

What is your favourite place for a meal away from home?

This could be a place that you frequent, that you're planning to go to for a special occasion, or perhaps a friend or family member's home because they're just that good of a cook!

Feel free to share comments, ideas, questions, answers, recipes, etc.

Have a great day,
Happy eating!

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching