Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Q's Day - What are you training for?

I recently joined a running group in Saskatoon.  I have spoken to many of these groups as a sport dietitian, so I figured it was time that I participated as a runner.  If you know me, you know that running is not my forte - I was a volleyball player, which is more like sprinting than running for hours!  My husband is also currently interested in running and is training for the Bridge City Boogie here in Saskatoon this Summer.

In the past I have shared the upcoming running events, so I figured that even though we still get a few snow flakes, you may be thinking about getting active outdoors.

Here's what's coming up:
April 28, 2012 - Bridge City Duathlon http://triathlonsaskatoon.org/event-list.html
April 29, 2012 - the Saskatoon Police Services Half Marathon www.saskatoonpolicerun.com
April 29, 2012 - MS Walk  http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id=1241&pg=entry
May 5, 2012 - Hustle for Hunger http://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=7741
May 13, 2012 - Makin it Happen Tri http://www.triformarlene.com/
May 27, 2012 - the Saskatchewan Marathon http://www.saskmarathon.ca/ (I'll be at the Race Expo May 26 with Craven Sport Services)
June 3, 2012 - Moe's Triathlon http://bikedoctor.ca/moes_triathlon/register-for-moes-triathlon-2010/
June 9, 2012 - the Saskatoon Spring Sprint http://www.braintumour.ca/2656/saskatoon-spring-sprint-2012
June 10, 2012 - the Bridge City Boogie http://www.bridgecityboogie.ca/
June 23, 2012 - Brainsport Kids of Steel Triathlon http://triathlonsaskatoon.org/2012-brainsport-kids-steel.html
June 23, 2012 - the Saskatoon Mogathon  http://www.mogathon.com/
June 24, 2012 - the Craven - Genki Junior Elite Triathlon at Pike Lake http://www.triathlonsaskatchewan.org/Events/2012CravenGenkiJuniorEliteTriathlon/tabid/155/Default.aspx
July 27/28, 2012 - the Dragon Boat Festival http://www.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=476282
August 12, 2012 - the SRRA River Run Classic http://saskatoonroadrunners.wordpress.com/
August 25, 2012 - Run for Diabetes http://www.diabetes.ca/get-involved/events/run-for-diabetes-saskatoon12/
September 9, 2012 - Queen City Marathon http://www.runqcm.com/
September 15, 2012 - the Brainsport - Broadway Mile http://brainsport.ca/events/list
September 30, 2012 - the CIBC Run for the Cure  http://www.runforthecure.com/site/TR?fr_id=1461&pg=entry
October 20, 2012 - the SK 50km Ultra Marathon http://saskatoonroadrunners.wordpress.com/ 

So, my Q's Day questions today are:
What motivates you to workout/be active?  Are you training for an event?

Share your comments, questions, suggestions, and please let me know if there is an event I missed so that I can share it!

Happy, healthy living!
Steph Langdon (Wheler), RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching