Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feasting at Folkfest

Saskatoon's annual Folkfest event starts tomorrow and goes until Saturday night (August 16-18).  I have enjoyed attending the different pavilions over the years to experience different cultures and sample their delicious/traditional cuisines. I also find it's a great time with friends and you're sure to run into someone that you know.

As someone who truly enjoys traveling (and food) I am always intrigued by different cultures and I love to learn about their different dishes, spices, etc.  If you're trying to stay on track and keep good nutrition in mind I have a few tips for you to consider. 

  • First of all I recommend checking out the Folkfest website as some of the pavillions provide a brief list of the food(s) available.  This can help you plan your route if there is a particular food that you want to track down.  It is also beneficial to help create your plan - How many foods will you try?  What will you pass on so that you can have what you really want at the next location?  When will you go?
  • Decide how many options/foods you will allow yourself for the night - create a budget and stick to it.
  • It's important to still eat in a varied and balanced way before you arrive.  This will help you meet some of your nutritional requirements and ensure that you don't show up over-hungry.  Don't skip meals to save those calories for an over-indulgence later that night.  Chance are that you will be so hungry that you'll end up consuming way more than you planned.  This is why it's important to figure out when you want to go.
  • Aim to arrive hydrated and continue to enjoy water throughout your Folkfest experience.  It will quench your thirst for zero calories.
  • Enjoy some foods that may be new to you, but don't forget that can also include whole grains and vegetables or fruit.  
  • Try to limit fried foods and go light on sauces. 
  • Share - often the first bite or two tastes the best, so share with a friend so that you're able to enjoy more variety later.
  • Enjoy yourself (don't stuff yourself) and get back to your routine the next day/meal.
Have a great time!

Steph Langdon, RD
something nutrishus counselling & coaching