Thursday, October 10, 2013

Health is a Habit (hiah)

If you read my posts regularly, you have likely seen words like "habit", "mindful", and "balance".  My area of expertise is nutrition, but I hope that when I share information here, present to a crowd, or work with an individual, that I am helping with their total wellness.  I once had a client say that her goal was to keep doing the things she does now by the time she'd in her 80s and 90s, so she was committing to her health and to long term habits.  I don't like fad diets for many reasons, but one main one is because they often don't lead to behaviour change, so you just return to your old ways once you quit or finish the diet.  Some athletes may go on very strict plans or even need to eat more to bulk up, and that can mean a huge habit change when they retire from sport.  

Everyday as I try to be a better me, I often look for inspiration around me.  With that in mind, I created the hiah chat.  A chance for individuals to let us into their lives and motivate us to keep going by seeing the struggles they face and the goals that they set.  Make sure to come back regularly to read the hiah chat! 

Health is more than just the foods you eat or the activities you do; it involves a balance of mental, spiritual, environmental, social, physical, and emotional components.  Health is a habit that must be practiced daily.  The hiah chat shares stories of dietitians, chefs, athletes, local celebrities, foodies, bloggers, authors, and people striving for wellness. 

Featured on hiah chat:

- Erica Gavel - student athlete
- Leland Guillemin - Epee fencer 
- Karlie Jackson - personal trainer, athlete, future nurse 
- Leia Bridge - yoga instructor, business owner 
- Kelly Glassford - Pilates instructor 
- Brian Breit - runner 
- Michyla Kielo - runner, massage therapist, mom, farmer

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