Friday, October 11, 2013

hiah chat - Erica Gavel

Name: Erica Gavel
Occupation: Team Canada Wheelchair Basketball Player/ University Student
Sport: Cycling and Wheelchair Basketball
Family: My strong support system in both Saskatoon and Prince Albert
Hobbies: Listening to music, cycling, cooking, and anything fun and active
Twitter: @EricaGavel

1.    What does being healthy mean to you?
Approaching life from a holistic approach. When I take control of my nutrition, physical training, rest, and mental well-being, I have the most energy and feel the happiest.

2.    Do you feel that you lead a healthy life? How? (or what would you change?)
Currently, yes. A few months ago, I picked up and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to train. I was/still am very attached to Saskatoon, therefore, coming here, I needed to have goals to prevent depression as well as get the most out of the time I'm going to be here. I attacked the situation from 5 different perspectives and have never got better results or been any happier. The 5 different perspectives include nutrition, rest, mental well-being, strength, and skills.

3.    What is a healthy meal that you often eat?
Chicken breast with steamed broccoli and wild rice

4.    How do you stay healthy when life gets hectic?
When I anticipate I am going to be having a hectic week, I try my best to be extremely organized. A lot of it has to do with pre-planning healthy meals, figuring out meals that are quick, easy, as well as nutritious.

5.    What is one of your challenges or struggles when it comes to leading a healthy life?
Time and rest. Being a student athlete, sleep is very important with all the training and classes, if you don't sleep enough, you're hindering your body of reaching it's full potential.

6.    Are you currently working towards a goal or starting/stopping a habit? What?
Yes. Currently I am training for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio Janeiro. I am trying to cut back on simple sugars and eat complex CHO's [carbohydrates] as much as possible.

7.    What motivates you to be healthy?
I enjoy being successful, reaching goals, and doing everything I can to be the best I can be.

What is a treat or indulgence that you enjoy?
Frozen vanilla yogurt with a little bit of chocolate sauce, nuts, and a banana

Any inspiring words or comments that you’d like to share with our readers?
"Success is knowing you did your best, to become the best, you were capable of becoming." - Wooden
"Get inspired, be inspiring." -Unknown

Thanks Erica!

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