Monday, February 10, 2014

hiah chat - Kelly Glassford

Kelly is currently an instructor at Lead Pilates after having worked in retail at Lululemon Athletica in Saskatoon, starting a business with her sister and working in HR after completing her BComm from the University of Saskatchewan. She was born and raised in Rosetown, SK, and now calls Saskatoon home. Her passion for Pilates and teaching is expressed on the Lead website: "Pilates was a way for me to understand my own body and gave me the knowledge to understand why I had been experiencing pain in my low back. I wanted to share my knowledge show others how it could change your quality of life. Teaching became my passion; the connection you make with each client & the ability to change the way they move to help achieve their goals is the best reward!"

1. What does being healthy mean to you?
To me being healthy means taking care of my body.   Choosing positive fitness, nutrition, and everyday goals that help me be my best self.  Goals that allow me to feel strong and take part in all the different daily activities I love to do.

2. Do you feel that you lead a healthy life? How? (or what would you change?).
I do feel as if I lead a healthy lifestyle.  I teach Pilates which allows me to take care of my body working to increase stretch and strength to help me move through my daily activities of living with ease.  I take time to de-stress and spend time doing activities I love (sharing time with friends and family).  I try to make the best nutrition choices I can, although I would say this is also an ongoing area of improvement for me.

3. What is a healthy meal that you often eat?  
I don't even know.  We like to switch up our meals in my house as cooking is something we can do together for fun and experimenting with different meals is a great way to spend time together (*such as the Ginger-Lime Kale with Squash & Chickpeas that she recently tried from CleanEating)

4. How do you stay healthy when life gets hectic?  
This is still a work in progress, but I take it one week at a time.  I make weekly goals for myself to help ensure I stay on track.  I make sure I don't miss my workout.  Doing Pilates grounds me and helps to alleviate stress which becomes even more important during busy times.

5. What is one of your challenges or struggles when it comes to leading a healthy life?
Maintaining a balanced meal plan.  It is difficult during hectic times to ensure I leave time to cook so I do my best to stock up on fruits and veggies for easy snacking.  I am gluten free (gluten sensitivity) so convenient on the go meals are hard. I try to spend one day a week to plan out what I will need to prepare in advance to get me through any busy times.

6. Are you currently working towards a goal or starting/stopping a habit? What? I've had a goal to work towards running a 1/2 marathon.  I ran a 10k last year and would love to do the half. Staying motivated to run through the winter months is more difficult as I prefer to run outside, but it's an ongoing work in progress.  All I can do is take it one day at a time.

7. What motivates you to be healthy?  
How I feel.  When I am practicing Pilates and eating well I feel great.  I have more energy, my body can move well without feeling stiff or sore.  When I stop I know, so it keeps me on track.

8. What is a treat or indulgence that you enjoy?
I LOVE chocolate! Really anything chocolate :)

9. Any inspiring words or comments that you’d like to share with our readers?  Go one day at a time.  All you can do is make an effort to eat well and exercise.  Some  days may not go as your planned, let it go and start again tomorrow.

Thanks Kelly!

Steph Langdon, RD
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