Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Much Do You Sweat

Every day you lose fluids, and every day you need to replace those fluids. We are all very unique in the amount of fluid we lose in a day - this depends on factors such as our age, gender, activity level, but also the humidity and temperature of our environment. A great fluid is water, although your milk, juice, coffee, tea, etc. also contribute to your hydration.

Curious about how much fluid you lose?

1. Weigh yourself before your workout and record your weight in kilograms.
2. Workout.
3. Keep track of fluids consumed during your workout.
4. Weigh yourself after your workout and record your weight in kilograms.
Your sweat loss in liters = bodyweight before - bodyweight after
(add on any additional fluids consumed during the workout)
To get your sweat rate, divide the sweat loss by the length of your workout (minutes or hours)
Example: Runner Pre-workout weight 65Kg
- Post-workout weight 64 Kg
+ 500ml water consumed in 1 hour run
** Note: 1 Kg = 1 L fluids
Sweat Rate: 65kg – 64kg = 1 + 0.5L fluids consumed = 1.5L/1 h

Steph Wheler