Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Perfect!

As I dietitian I feel that some people are overly conscious about what they eat around me, or they pay close attention to what I'm eating around them. I am by no means perfect - I enjoy the occasional treat! The idea is to make it occasional and choose to eat healthfully (not perfectly). I also choose to be active daily so that I can fit those treats in. Food tastes good and is a big part of our society. I really enjoy going out with friends or hosting a dinner party. These are things that can fit in your life. The great thing about working with a dietitian is that we set you up for success. We help you make changes that fit into your life and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy (perhaps less frequently or in smaller portions). A friend recently commented that she was surprised that I didn't judge her lunch choice - why would I? That is only one meal in her whole pattern of eating. If she asked for help we would likely discuss it, but I wouldn't judge, I would just help her figure out ways to make healthy choices possible in her life.

As another dietitian said regarding working with a weight loss client:
"I expressed that healthful eating is not perfect eating. I encouraged her to permanently tweak her eating habits to reach and maintain a healthier weight. Granted, some people have more tweaking to do than others, but this approach is clearly different from the painfully typical restrictive eating plans followed by a return of fat-harboring old habits.
We brainstormed ways to fit in treats and still feel in control. First, recognize that food doesn’t drop off the face of the Earth. If you smell a donut, you don’t have to grab it now because it will be there another day. I promise. And if you decide that you really do want it now, enjoy it. Stop at one because donuts aren’t near extinction." - Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. (My Family Doctor Magazine)
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Steph Wheler