Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surviving Your Business Meals

By Stephanie Wheler, Something Nutrishus Counselling & Coaching
For the Saskatoon Women's Network June/July Network News

As a member of SWN you have the opportunity to attend monthly breakfasts and lunches and depending on your line of work you may be attending numerous other business meetings that have food present. A busy life often means that someone else is preparing our food. You may find yourself away from home or on the road needing to eat out or quickly grab a bite. While it might be a treat to have food provided, you also want to think about what you are putting into your body.
A busy life means that you ask your body and mind to do many things on a daily basis. Providing yourself with proper nutrition will give you the energy to keep going, accomplish the tasks at hand, and maintain your health. The key words I use as a Registered Dietitian are VARIETY, MODERATION, and BALANCE. How can you apply these to healthy choices at business meals?
- In a buffet situation – take a look at all the offerings before starting and fill half your plate with salads and vegetables.
- At a restaurant – ask for what you want such as a baked potato or salad instead of fries.
- On the go – keep healthy snacks with you (fruit, veggies, yogurt, trail mix, canned tuna, peanut butter and whole grain bread/crackers).
- For less fat and calories choose foods that have been baked, barbecued, grilled, roasted, poached, steamed, and broiled.
- Portion control – servings are often large when eating out so choose to share with a colleague, order the children’s size, or take half home with you.
- Drink smart – pop and sweetened beverages provide empty calories; opt for water, milk, 100% fruit juice, and vegetable cocktails instead.
Smart choices are often available although sometimes you have to go looking for them. If you indulge at one meal, try to make healthier options at your next meals. Work at finding a balance for your overall eating pattern – one meal won’t make or break you!
Steph Wheler