Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 12: Living Mindlessly

I'm not sure when I 'decided' to be healthy. I think I'm just sort of a rule follower, so if someone tells me something is good for me (and it makes logical sense), I'm likely to try to integrate it into my life. It can be overwhelming, perhaps you've seen AJ Jacob's Ted Talk 'How healthy living nearly killed me'.

I grew up involved in many types of sports, which I think stemmed mostly from my peer group. I participated in softball, basketball, dance, cross country, track & field, badminton, and volleyball (or at least that's all I can think of right now). I also loved to be outside and preferred reading or crafting to watching tv (yup, that's still me). We ate well, but didn't discuss 'healthy' as far as I know. Pop or soda was for vacations and sugary cereal was for when our cousins visited, but those things weren't regularly in our house.

As I grew up and got more competitive in volleyball, I know we talked about nutrition a bit with my club team, mostly just no alfredo sauce and sugary drinks. I was active and growing, so I think the variety of foods I ate seemed to work out alright for me.

When I took the Nutrition 101 class in university I started to apply my knowledge at home right away. I had food skills and already liked to cook/bake, but I was starting to get a deeper understanding of food. I now work with teenagers a lot and I think it's great that they're getting nutrition information at such an important age.

I am grateful for: the healthy habits I already have

I drink caffeine and alcohol in moderation. I have never smoked a cigarette. I try to be active, and at least play with my daughter, walk the dog, or stretch on days that I can't do more. I try to get enough sleep and not watch screens too close to bedtime. I brush my teeth (I could be a better flosser). I love water. I enjoy grocery shopping and cooking. I have started to use more natural body care products and cleaning supplies since becoming pregnant almost 2 years ago now. I try to stress less (still not my best one), and our house location looking at nature really helps. I would however like to meditate regularly (it's on my to-do list). I don't use excessive amounts of sugar or salt, and actually find my taste buds are quite sensitive to them. I try to listen to my hunger and fullness cues, although I do tend to multitask through some meals. I include vegetables with our meals. I try and I keep trying...

I do give a conscious effort to many of these 'habits', but some are things I have been doing for a longer time, so they're easier. I also keep adding things, because I like goals and challenges. I aim to be mindful, but my biggest challenge with that is actually being in the moment and being content with how things are. Our house helps us to be healthy in a more mindless way, so it's easier, and I think that is a huge key to success, as well as a partner who supports my efforts and understands (or accepts) when I ask what veggie we're having with our perogies.

Habits take practice,
Take a small step towards the change you want.

Steph Langdon, RD