Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27: Move to the Beat

I was in band from grades 6 through 12. I played the oboe, like my best friend. For an athlete, it may have been an 'unusual' skill. I also attempted to play the trombone for jazz band, like my brother; I attempted, but it wasn't for me. I enjoyed my fellow band members, had fun on band trips, and think it was a valuable skill and good for my education.

I haven't been to many concerts, maybe 3 or 4 in my entire life. The most recent one in Oakland, California, almost 2 years ago now, was a great one. We were able to hear a variety of groups/individuals and I still listen to some of them today (Lorde, Bastille, Phoenix, etc.). I'm the type of person that appreciates a mix-tape, because I don't know a lot of artists. When I'm on the road for work, I hope it's the morning or late afternoon and I tune into CBC Radio2 or I put on songza. I rarely remember who sings what, the name of songs, or the lyrics, but I enjoy music in the background.

My brother (and nephew perhaps) is quite musical, playing mostly guitar these days. My brother-in-law knows probably every artist and is a great resource to go to for ideas. Our daughter seems to have a little shoulder shake when music is on. We try to play a variety of types of music for her and introduced music at a young age to get her used to sounds. I now take her to the library for reading and songs/nursery rhymes and we're currently in a local zumbini class which is definitely music and instrument focused. I love being able to expose her to such things, especially when it's something I don't think I really have in me. I'm not one to burst into song and I'm still learning kid songs/rhymes.

Music can make such a big difference. We note the soundtrack in a movie, the mood we're in may help us pick an artist to listen to, or we might leave it to the 'experts' and listen to a playlist they created. It's rainy outside and my daughter is currently sleeping, so the house is quiet. I enjoy the quietness, but I also like to put music on in the background every once in awhile, and I know that today's cloudy/rainy weather will play a role in what I feel like listening to.

I am grateful for: music and musicians (and the ability to hear and enjoy it/them)

I hope you have music and songs in your day.
Don't just stop and smell the roses, stop and listen to the silence or the music!
Steph Langdon, RD