Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: Being Grateful

I decided to mention something I am grateful for with each of my personal posts this month, which I figured was also timely since Canadian Thanksgiving occurs this month. I would consider myself a realist (or definitely not an optimist). I can be very hard on myself, get stressed out or overwhelmed, or worry too much. I am also curious and analytical, as I seek to understand my own personality and love personal development tools/books, etc.

My perfectionist traits have allowed for a lot of success academically and through sports, but they can be tricky day-to-day and now in my role as self-employed mom. I always want to ‘be the best’ and even struggle to ask for help, because I want to be able to do things on my own. I think it may be one of those situations where my strengths can also be my weaknesses. I’m stubborn and determined, which may or may not work well together.

I am grateful for: my husband, as he helps bring out the best in me.

The things I learn from books, blogs, or webinars seem to be the way he already sees and approaches the world. This also may be the version of me that sees everyone else’s life through rose coloured glasses. Too often I compare my assessment of my situation with assumptions I make based on things I see on-line or people say. He reminds me to 'not care' what others are doing (or more often, what I think they're doing) and to be curious rather than judgemental. We also have great conversations on enjoying life, how to raise our daughter, and just being us. Sometimes it comes down to perspective and so, as I work on being the best version of myself, I am constantly reminded to enjoy the little things and be grateful. I have a pretty amazing life!

Stay grateful my friends,
Steph Langdon, RD