Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9: More From Less

I am inspired by clean spaces, white rooms, and no clutter. I do however have a young child (white's not so good). I also want people to feel okay sitting on my furniture, using my towels, and being able to relax and set their glass down. In my search for a minimalist inspired life, I try to remain practical (I'm sort of a minimalist in moderation I guess). We have gone through many items in our packing up and unpacking stages of moving. We gave away, donated, recycled, and threw things out. We still have lots of clothes, shoes, books, and items that make our house feel comfortable and like home. 

Just like healthy eating and active living are things I am conscious of and work at daily, so too is minimalism. There will be times when we go through boxes, rooms, closets, etc. in the future and continue to reduce what we have. We are however even more aware of what we purchase (which saves us money, or allows us to spend it on a few quality things - sort of like a chocolate indulgence, go for the good stuff if you're going to have it!). We try to limit what we buy for our daughter, although I know I think anything in 'baby size' is pretty cute. 

One of my main reasons for attempting this, was because I work from home. I see the piles of laundry, the dirty dishes, the 'stuff' that adds up. I wanted to feel more organized. I know my form of procrastinating in university was to clean before studying. Not only did it put off studying, but I convinced myself that I was more productive in a clean and clear space. I am easily overwhelmed with all that I aim to accomplish (I tend to expect too much of myself), so by having less stuff, I have to spend less time cleaning, and thus, more time relaxing (which I'm still working on) and living. I want to enjoy the time I have with my daughter at home, not spend it cleaning (because I try to do chores while she's playing).

We have a few nostalgic items that we don't want to part with and we have photos from various trips in our home. The things we have, seem to be ones that mean a lot to us.

I am grateful for: support in my minimalist efforts

My husband (for sure) and some friends and family members have been very aware of our attempts to have less stuff. So far people seem to be on board, but it can be hard to turn away gifts. It's a new way of living, but I think we both feel that we want fewer, higher quality things. We want to be able to spend our time and money on experiences, not things. 




You are already enough!
Steph Langdon, RD