Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 18: So Much to Learn

In less than a year I have learned a lot from my daughter (too much to go through here). I thought I would be teaching her, but she is teaching me. Like my husband, she is also making me a better person. She causes me to slow down, drop what I'm doing and be in the moment; she helps me be mindful. She needs me to put her first. She teaches me patience, since things take longer when I need to get her ready, bring her along, stop mid-way through to help her, or completely abandon what I was doing when she wakes up. It's a new life! I do love it and I always wanted to be a mom, so I am very fortunate that I get to learn the role. I think it may be a lifelong lesson though.

Since I love quotes and don't have much time for this post, I figured I would include a few that speak to patience and learning from our mistakes. I have never really liked making mistakes (or asking for help), but I understand that they are learning opportunities. I hope I can help my daughter to see mistakes as opportunities or challenges to improve. We need to make mistakes to learn, so I am happy to have the chance to learn to be a mom (and learn to be a new version of myself). My perfectionist tendencies want me to succeed right away, but that isn't realistic, and sometimes good enough, is good enough.

I am grateful for: my daughter and all that she has taught me in her mere 11 months of life

What have you learned lately? (or what have you failed at and are attempting to learn from?).

Here's to personal growth and lifelong learning!
Steph Langdon, RD