Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 26: Something To Look Forward To

We've been working to make our weekends feel more like weekends (whatever that means!?). Our weeks seem fairly full/busy, and it's a chance for us to be together. This comes with mindfulness and minimalism. In my attempts to have less stuff, we will eventually have less to clean and organize (chores that I tend to do on the weekend). I still have to figure out a way to get a few things done around the house and will always want to chip away at my to-do list.

However, we try to spend time together, not think about work, or even try to feel like a tourist in our own city. I do know that I'm better at relaxing when we're away from home. Also, like most people, I get excited and like to have things to look forward to. For me, that could even just be goals that I'm working on. Keeping that in mind, I'm not taking away from being present and content in the current moment, but I still like to have something on the calendar for the future.

We haven't really taken a family trip in awhile. With my work, we went to Quebec City in June and for my birthday in April we took a quick trip to Edmonton, so I can't say that we haven't been away from home. My generation seems to like to travel, which I am all for! I'd rather spend our money on trips and experiences. It's often just a matter of saving up and finding time to actually get away. The planner in me also likes to prepare for a holiday, but I try to be spontaneous and just enjoy it too.

We're lucky that we can afford to travel, but as I said, sometimes it's fun just to be a tourist in your own city or province; there's also lots of free things to see and do. It comes back to priorities and perspective. I have no problem saving up for a trip because I know we will create memories and get rejuvenated by the break from our sometimes hectic lives.

I am grateful for: the opportunity to plan and go on vacations

We have the luxury of being able to go to most of the places we dream of going to. It's also the chance to travel with my husband and daughter that makes me grateful to have them.

Do you have something planned, something you're looking forward to?

Happy Monday (and last week of October!)
Steph Langdon, RD