Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: The People Who Raised Me

It's my Dad's birthday today, so an even more fitting day to show him and my mom gratitude. My parents are great. They're enjoying their retirement and being grandparents. They're always there with a helping hand and are definitely part of my support system.

I know many of my character traits come from them. We're 'busy-bodies' or do-ers. I think it's a great trait, as long as we also know how to be in the moment and relax (which I'm still working on). They do however value life, because they try to find ways to do the things they want to do and they live by their own rules. They chose to retire to live more now and enjoy it. They also try to take care of themselves with activity and healthy choices.

Now that I'm a parent (almost 11 months in), I value my parents and all parents so much more. To think of the sleepless nights, the confusion/frustration of not knowing what a baby wants, and putting another life before yours. To know how much I love and adore my daughter, I know how much my parents love me. It's also great to see them enjoying their grandchildren. 

Our parents play a large role in our lives. If they're biological, then they contribute to our genes and hereditary characteristics as well. They also shape our environment. They make us feel safe (or I'm fortunate that mine did). They cheer for us. They wipe our tears. They listen. They lend a helping hand. My Dad also likes to sometimes give what he calls 'mad money' - a bit of cash to spend on anything.

Birthdays are celebrations and I don't think we should fear getting old. It's going to happen. It's just a good reminder to enjoy each passing day, because we don't know how many birthdays we get. It's also a good reminder to be mindful and grateful for our health, and in my opinion, to work to preserve (or improve) it, so we can keep enjoying our days.

I am grateful for: the support and love of my parents

Happy Birthday!

I hope you all have the love & support you need,
Steph Langdon, RD