Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 24: Modern Convenience

I often feel that technology takes up a lot of our time. We watch television, check facebook, post to instagram, text a friends, send an email, etc. and don't always seem to actually be living the life in front of our eyes. The lives we see on-line are only snapshots and are open to our interpretation. I am obviously guilty, as I sit here typing this post. However, the other day, when my 'maid' was vacuuming the house, I was grateful for time to be with my daughter. I think of my roomba vacuum as my 'maid' because it cleans for me.

Since it's the weekend, I figured this was an appropriate post. I have been away for work for 2.5 days and 2 nights, so it's family time. My husband will be happy that I'm looking forward to relaxing. I do find the weekends are a time to clean and get ready for the week ahead, but right now I need to recharge and renew myself. That is why I'm thankful for things like my washing machine, dish washer, and vacuum. I can't imagine having to do more things by hand and still fit everything into my day.

We live in a 'busy' time, but we've developed that. It's up to us to decide where our priorities lie and if we're in the moment, perhaps we won't feel as busy. We could also free up a lot of time by not constantly checking our notifications and social media. The 24 hours we get each day can seem to go by really fast or really slow, so make them matter.

I am grateful for: technology that gives me time to do other things

I'm keeping this short so that I can unplug and live my life beyond a screen. I might not capture and share it all with you, but I'll be creating moments and enjoying it none the less.

Have a great Saturday!
Steph Langdon, RD