Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30: Pampering

I try to take care of myself. I am able to afford to take care of myself and I prioritize it so that I have the time. I know not everyone can afford such luxuries. Sometimes it is even our environment or our genetics that make it more difficult to be 'healthy'. I've seen a quote "don't find time to exercise, make time to exercise", of course, I feel the same way about healthy eating. We can often find excuses or reasons to rationalize why we're not being active or eating well. We put it off, we put others or other things first.

I aim to inspire wellness in others so that they can keep doing the things they love to do. We all have different goals, we all define health differently. I have mentioned various aspects of health on this blog over the years. Of course, I always remember that poverty and food insecurity exist, disease can be beyond what we can 'control' and a so-called 'healthy lifestyle' may not be affordable/achievable/attainable for everyone.

If you're able to, I suggest you take care of yourself though. For me, that includes occasional pampering, which could be a nice bath, a pedicure, even coffee with a friend can be a treat, and I know they all make me feel better. I actually scheduled time this week to get some work done in my office, to go for a run, and to go to the spa (kid-free). I haven't done that in 11.5 months since becoming a mom. I took a whole day for me, to get things done, but also to pamper myself.

I am grateful for: the ability to take care of myself (and treat myself every once in awhile)

I try to take care of myself each day, and some days are easier than others. Some days I don't succeed. However, if I'm not taking care of myself, who is?!

Sometimes you have to put yourself first, and I know that can be hard.
Cheers to you!
Steph Langdon, RD